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// drummer


Jon Kois played drums with Philly rock legends Three 4 Tens, Marah, and the heavy metal cult fave, Wastoid, among others. He offers online drum lessons at JoinKois.Rocks and cites Neil Pert, Vinnie Appice, and Peter Criss as influences.


// guitars, vocals


Geeta Dalal Simons (Rockula, Los Angeles, Swisher, Mr. Pants) is both a bona fide, badass rocker and going head-to-head with old school conventions about motherhood. After roughly 13 years off from performing, Geeta returned to songwriting, recording an EP of blistering garage rock in her kids' playroom. To pull these songs off live, Chris DiPinto of DiPinto Guitars custom-made her a checkerboard, double-neck 24 string guitar (12 electric/12 electric sitar); she is otherwise a lifetime Gretsch junkie.  


// bass, vocals


Christine Weiser played in Philly garage bands Mae Pang and Suffacox before joining RunHideFight. She's the author of two novels about being a gal rocker, including her latest Come As You Are, A Novel About Balancing Work, Family, and a Chick Rock Band.


// guitars, vocals


Brother JT is the experimental/psych alter ego of John Terlesky, founder of the garage pop band the Original Sins, which released 10 albums (including the Peter Buck-produced Move). Before the Sins, he was in The Creatures of the Golden Dawn, who had releases on Dionysus and Get Hip. Beginning with the monolithic feedback piece Descent (Twisted Village), JT explored both solo bedroom recordings (Rainy Day Fun (Drunken Fish), and full band excursions (Music For the Other Head (Siltbreeze), as Brother JT & Vibrolux). Brother JT released the albums “Way to Go” (1999), “Spirituals” (2002) and  “Hang in There Baby” (2003) on Drag City, produced by the Royal Trux (one song was featured on the High Fidelity soundtrack). Brother JT released the Svelteness of Boogietude (2013) and Tornado Juice (2018) on Thrill Jockey.

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