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Get the single from Hidden Volume Records!

"RunHideFight's debut single will delight fans of '60s garage rock, but it also brings an element of originality that you don't often hear in three-chord rock n' roll. Simon plays a custom-made double neck 24 string guitar/sitar - which serves as a dual homage to her Indian heritage and her guitar hero Rick Nielsen. RunHideFight draws inspiration not just from the legendary bands of '60s garage/psych/mod, but also from the classical Indian music that influenced a lot of those bands. Add in a love for '70s punk and early Cheap Trick, and you've got a band that I am very excited to follow in the coming years!" - Faster and Louder

Download the tracks or buy the 7" Vinyl Limited Edition Single
in Yellow or Sea Blue from the RunHideFight Bandcamp page!

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New Noise Magazine premiered RunHideFight's Cover of Shocking Blue's “Send Me A Postcard” They write: "The track rips with energy, chord progressions and a gritty attitude ready to stand its ground, The tones present in the song mesh well, creating a sleazy tinge to the already fast paced punk." Click the image above to listen! 

Demo players= drums: Jason Kokournis (Hot Snakes, Bardo Pond, Delta 72); bass -Jay Demko (Otherworld Traditions, Lincoln, On); guitars and voices- Geeta Dalal Simons).

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