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Parkside Lounge NYC _ Photo by Chris Sik

RunHideFight serve up two fine cave-stompin’ sides of throwback rock on their debut single for Hidden Volume Records.  There’s so much here that really works on this 7″, especially for fans of the three chord monte style of garage rock that the group specializes in with just the right amount of power pop, and psychedelia folded into their sound to keep things interesting.

HV Single Cover Blue.jpg

"Philadelphia rock’n’roll gang RunHideFight offers us two songs in which classic garage rock’n’roll meets wild protopunk. RunHideFight are quite a new band since they played their first show last year, but they already sound as a tight unit."

Veglam Reviews the RHF Single

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RunHideFight was featured on WXPN's The Key Studio Sessions, where they performed live. Click the photo at left to see video highlights of the session and listen to their complete set.

Johnny Brenda's 9-7-18 (Photo by Chris S

"Bringing us ultimate garage punk, RunHideFight's debut single,"He's A Jerk," released via Hidden Volume Records, and we could not be more obsessed."

Indie Witches Review:"He's A Jerk"

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"To watch Geeta Dalal Simons of RunHideFight shred on a double-neck guitar while Brother JT backs on guitar, Christine Weiser backs on bass and Jon Kois brings it home on percussion is a thing of garage rock beauty."

Pop Entertainment


Dan Drago interviews RunHideFight to talk guitars, growing up, the fun and challenges of making music now, and of the ever-pressing "balance" of being moms that rock. WXPN's The Key covered it here.

Find Your Freaks: 25 O'Clock Podcast Interview


"RunHideFight's debut single will delight fans of '60s garage rock, but it also brings an element of originality that you don't often hear in three-chord rock n' roll."

Faster & Louder Review

2nd Street Fetival (Photo by Chris Sikic

"The riffs, the call and response/harmonies, and the fun, dirty, garage rock sound ... it's all there, plus more."

Philly Phave Track Week: Because I Love You by RunHideFight


"The track rips with energy, chord progressions and a gritty attitude ready to stand its ground. The tones present in the song mesh well, creating a sleazy tinge to the already fast paced punk."

New Noise Magazine Premieres RunHideFight's Cover of Shocking Blue's “Send Me A Postcard”


"Woah, yeah! Cutting a rug with blunt rusty scissors here come RunHideFight with two buzzsaw slices of street swagger fuzz."

Shindig Magazine Reviews RHF Single

Single Cover.jpg

"RunHideFight's debut single “He’s A Jerk” packs a hefty punch of gunk and grime, highlighted by singer/guitarist Geeta Simons’ snarling vocals. “He’s A Jerk” is a garage-rock gem that belongs on your turntable. Get it now digitally or on wax via Hidden Volume Records."

3Hive Review: He's a Jerk Single

HV Single Close-Up He's a Jerk.jpg

“He’s A Jerk channels the raw roots of punk rock and delivers the finest two minutes of garage punk I’ve heard this year. Because I Love You, brings the pace down with a track that brings psyche influences to bear whilst maintaining the attitude and menace of the a-side to create a near perfect pairing.”


"The slight psychedelia sobers into more grunge tinged, anthemic moods without any real giveaway. It’s a fluid sound, capturing different elements of rock ‘n’ roll with a stylish craze."

New Noise Magazine's Video Premier:  “Because I Love You”

InkyRHF Article.jpg

"These Philly musicians mix motherhood with rock and roll."

Philadelphia Inquirer


RunHideFight stopped by to talk about how the group formed, motherhood, songwriting, guitars, musical influences, and some very personal life experiences that inspired some of their songs.

Philly Music Podcast Interview

Johnny Brenda's 9-7-18 (Photo by Chris S

"A standout in the video isn’t one of the band members – it’s Geeta’s custom-made one-of-a-kind 24-string 12/12 doubleneck guitar-sitar, made by luthier Chris DiPinto. She explains, 'The more I thought about it, the more I realized that Nuggets-era ‘60s psych bands were a huge part of my musical bedrock.'”

With Guitars

Parkside Lounge NYC _ Photo by Chris Sik

Click the photo at left to read more press coverage of RunHideFight, along with the growing list of radio stations playing our music around the world!

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